No Explorer access

I finally got (almost) everything working.  I can access all my files remotely using the My Cloud App, but when I use the site and click on “Open in Explorer” I get an error message that says “The network name cannot be found”.  Any suggestions?  I am using Windows 7 and Chrome 

I would double-check if JAVA is asking for access permissions, as remote web access by means of the WD2go site is not possible without agreeing to the security warning. If no warning is issued, then try a different browser and/or re-install JAVA.


I have tried several computers at work using chrome, explorer and firefox and still get the same error.  

please provide step by step details and where the message apears

screen shots are helpful but may take awhile to appear

I finally reset factory settings and now its working fine.  Thanks

did you uninstall and reinstall? im having the same issue