No Email from WD Support Portal

I created a support ticket via the WD Support Portal and I still have not received an email from WD Support Portal even though the website said the email confirmation has been sent. It’s neither in the inbox nor the junk mail folder. I’m using my email. Can you get this fixed.


I have the same problem.
I have been looking for a solution all day, unfortunately without success.

I use an address. I don’t get an email back.
As a last attempt I used an address. And - surprise - an email came back immediately.
I have already contacted the support.

I don’t know if the problem has been fixed or if someone has a workaround for it?

I’m desperate. Would be grateful for more ideas. Because of the address I will not use it.


I am having the same issue. It seems like WD does not work with Outlook email addresses. I set up a new user with an email, and the user cannot log in. When I send an invitation to the user through the WD dashboard, the user does not receive the email.