No dashboard access after Firmware Release 1.05.36

I purchased the EX4 about a week and a half ago. Hooked it up and all went fine. From dashboard I did firmware updates. First two went fine as I was able to get back in via dashboard. Then I did the FR 1.05.36 (the one that has you unplug) When it came back up I could no longer get to it via dashboard. The following is what I observed:

No web access with browsers using ip address or machine name after Firmware Release 1.05.36 (7/8/2015)

Windows Explorer shows WDMyCloudEX4 under Media Devices and storage. Public, Smartware and Timemachinebackup folders shown and accessible as well. I can copy files to it and retrieve files from it.

WD My Cloud errors with failed to connect message. But it also shows Previously Connected Devices which is WDMyCloudEX4 and shows correct ip address of EX4 (same ip as shown on front display).

WD Discovery shows EX4 Browse Network shares works but configure does not. Again no web access.

mcp4_windows_setup cannot access EX4 either.

Twonkey Media Server is accessable and functions just fine.

So I technally don’t have access to EX4 via dashboard.

So evewrything works just fine except for dashboard.


Have you tried and drive reset and/or power cycle?

Yes I have turned off and back on and performed 5 sec reset with paperclip. But I have been reading about a 40 sec reset. Is that for real and do you perform? I read many different ways to do it.