"No content available" at end of youtube playlists

When I scroll to the END of my youtube playlists (all 88 of them) I get a “No Content Available” message. All my videos and playlist videos play back just fine, it’s just whenever I scroll to the end of the playlist list (either by scrolling all the way down or pressing UP on the first page of playlists) am I accosted by that message.

I’m running the official FW and I’ve tried resetting my system to default factory setting several times; logged in and out of the youtube account all to no avail. My playlists are currently all set to public too.

Thanks for any help =p

For example: I go to my playlists in youtube, and either:

  1. press UP to go to the last playlist in the list

  2. SCROLL all the way down to the very end of my playlists

…at which point I get a  “No content available” error message.

Is there a way to sort alphabetically, rather than by date? That could help my problem a bit.

Maybe I should try deleting some playlists too.

This problem still hasn’t been resolved, it’s so annoying!

Any suggestions?