No connection&windows 7


after upgrading from win xp pro to windows 7 32bit, I’m unable to connect wd tv live and pc/router (wired) at all, network shares shows nothing, youtube not working, when check connection IP shows OK then d**n thing stops/freeze at DNS checking … I use same IP, DNS and Gateway as before, but with no luck, also I try with that win 7 registry tweak, still nothing … is there a way to use wd tv live with windows 7 or not? … please help


i would reset the wdtvlive to factory settings and start from there…

most people are able to get youtube (networking) working easily once they connect the wdtvl to the network even tho their network shares dont work etc…


… factory reset makes no changes, still IP address OK, DNS and Internet connection failed … where can I see DNS and GATEWAY options (router thomson speedtouch ST780i WL)



have you gone to network setup? select wired…select automatic configuration in your wdtvl?


SOLVED (just now) …