No blue light. Only constant white light

Today my 2T WD Cloud would not start up. The white LED blinked once and then it lit up constantly in white indicating that the OS is initializing. But this never ended and no blue light came on. This ofcourse makes the drive inaccessable on the net and I am not sure what to do next.

I have read many posts talking about constant white light and it seems there is no solution (at least I haven’t found any in older posts).

My troubleshooting so far:

Turned the unit off for up to a few hours and then on again (removing the powerplug)

I have tried all the reset-options in the manual (including the 40 sec option)

I have checked the network and this is up and running with no issues

If worst comes to worst and the unit remains not accessible, would I be able to remove the HD from the device and recover the data?

How long have you waited with the white light?   If the HD is being checked for errors, it can take several hours.

Thanks for the reply!

I haven’t been waiting that long (approx 30 mins). I will now start the disc up and wait until tomorrow before updating the thread with the new status.

Do you know whether or not I can remove the harddrive from the device and salvage the content if the WD Cloud continues to be dead? I hope I haven’t lost all my files :expressionless:

Well today it has been on for 24 hours and no joy.

Got a message from the techs at WD and they figure I have done every possible troubleshooting and we have to conclude the unit is dead. :cry:

I hope there is a way to remove the harddrive to recover the data myself. The company recommended by WD charges a huge amount of money (they obviously is focused on a professional market). 

This means I have following choices:

1 - I can either return the device and get a new one, loosing my data.

2 - I can dismantle the unit and try to recover my data, but in the process forfit the warranty.

3 - I can pay a ridiculos amount of money for retreaval of the data and get a new unit pluss my data

Option 1 means I have to trust the new device, and I am not sure if I will ever do. Eventhough it has been a very good unit for me for several months. The risk of loosing more data is not pleasant to think about.

Option 2 is tempting since option 3 is probably way to expensive for me to consider.

I hope WD sees that this unit may have a design-flaw and that they should implement a way to access and update a firmware without being dependent on the units ability to boot. An USB-port for such a task would be smart, I think.

Just my 5 cents worth.

I’ve heard that you can ask the Tech to grant permission to open the unit for the purpose of data retrieval without voiding warranty.   I don’t know first-hand, though.

I’ve the same problem…
Factory reset , 40s pressing button , does nothing . 
I’m thinking that with so many cases of problems if it is not the case of the WD get the product from the market and exchange that brick I came to have.

I have the same problem. Can’t reset. Can’t swap from Bestbuy as it is more then 2 weeks (**bleep**, only two weeks). No answer from the support case. No RMA number to return, evenif there is, it is 35$ to ship it back, :angry:

**bleep**! My 4TB just started with the constant white light a couple of days ago. I was just in the UI the day before. I’ve tried everything as well. I can’t find any solutions. I’ve got over a thousand movies on there!

what is the status of the LEDs in back by the ethernet cable? if any suggestion below fails you can’t go on to the rest

can you ping the cloud?

can you access the UI even though you can’t get to the shares?

in the UI you can enable SSH, then use putty or oTHER SSH client and do the following commands

/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop
/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop

update-rc.d wdphotodbmergerd disable
update-rc.d wdmcserverd disable