No backdrop?


i have a question, why is it that i dont get backdrop’s for some files ? 

i get .xml file and info. but no backdrop

the videoname is correct match to imdb 

IMDB really has nothing to do with anything.

The SMP and Hub use TMDB database, not IMDB.

But if you’re getting the xml and thumbnail, then that’s irrelevent anyway.

If it’s TV shows, I suspect you’re running into a bug.

If it’s Movies, then please post example file names.

it is movie.

i have a couple of example here:

Cleanskin (2012) and Crazy Stupid Love (2011)

do i have to enter the movie first, before the backdrop gets downloaded ?

Not sure what you mean by “enter the movie”.

If you mean PLAY the movie, no.

If you’re storing each movie in its own folder, then yeah, you need to enter the FOLDER first before backdrops will show.

(Backdrops don’t apply to folders, only the movie files themselves.)

i store my movies in folder by letters







so i have to enter each “letter” folder to get backdrop ?

Yes - that is correct.