No autoplay for WDTV Hulu Plus app?

Has anyone found a way to enable this feature? I did a search of the forums using local search and Goodle, came up with one thread relevant this this, somewhat old and unanswered.

It’s funny how no media player does everything right. With my WDTV, I can’t get autoplay on Hulu. With my old Roku, I couldn’t get autoplay on Netflix. PS3 offers both but is limited to wireless-g connectivity. So, if anyone knows a workaround for enabling autoplay for the WDTV Hulu app, it would be greatly appreciated.

Response from Hulu;

Hi Deleted,

Thanks for getting in touch with us, and thanks for the suggestion. I definitely see how autoplay on the WDTV would be beneficial. I’ll pass your idea on to the team here.

Again, I really appreciate the email. If there’s anything else you want to share – good or bad, it’s cool – don’t hesitate to let me know.

Hulu Support