No authorized Access on My Book Live Duo although before it worked


I have an mbp and a mac mini 2007. I can access to MBLD from both but when I try to download from transmission to the NAS, first start to write in but a few minutes later, appears a message on every file on transmission that says no authorization to access. How can I solve it? Thanks for your help, Juan Luis.

P.s.: sorry if my english writing is confusing. 

This particular question is outside of the range of support provided by WD.

Try checking on the thread for users that installed transmission.

When you did the installation of Transmission, you probably did not give it the correct permissions to the transmission-daemon.   I recommend that you do the transmission installation again. Repeat.  Make sure you do every step.


to make it easier, just installed FeaturesPacksManager and do a one click installation of Transmission. It will install perfectly with no error. It has a new web interface for teh install.

what I’m doing is sending files from my mac mini to the NAS. I didn’t modified anything. Thanks for you help.

Thanks for your answer. If you may, i would tell you some things. I have installed three times and it didn’t work. Also, I dont know what you are referring because I am a basic basic user. I’ll try to figure what you say. Best, JL. 

use it for your installation of transmission. Put transmission your MBL. Much better than on your Mac