No Authentication on NAS. Open Access

Simple question but how do I set the shares so that you do not need to authenticate in order to view edit and delete files on the NAS?



go into advanced mode, users, folder share permissions, click the modify button next to the share and add guest to full access

Thanks for your post but I have tried this and it does not work. I always get prompted to authenticate.



man smb.conf

You have a few options and you will need to read the documentation to decide which is best for you, any changes will involve enabling ssh and accessing your sharespace via ssh using a terminal emulator to edit the smb.conf file which lives in /etc/samba/smb.conf

the particular the settings you will want to look at are 

security = (but note if you change this to ‘share’ you are downgrading your security)

your other probably better option is to look at 

map to guest = Bad User  ; this will automatically map unkown user accounts to the guest account. 


Any Update on our Update Bill_S? We wait patiently for a fix… 

None, yet.  Sorry…