No audio when streaming certain files

Hi all,

I’ve just treated myself to a 3tb mybook live to run with my smp and ipads.  SMP seems to be working perfectly, and my ipad is working to a certain extent.  I’m using goodplayer to stream from the mybook live and tv programmes are fine, but any of my movies have no sound.

I’ve tried some AVI, some MKV, some 1080 and 720.

Something I’m doing wrong?


P.S.  I’m streaming using the WD media server, as I think I cannot get Twonky anymore. Firmware 02.43.03-022

What’s the audio format?   If it’s AC3 or DTS, I think that’s the problem.   AFAIK, Goodplayer no longer supports DTS or AC3 (Dolby Digital) due to patent / royalty issues.

Right, I had that problem before with TV shows, but I think everyone who encoded the TV shows started using an audio format that was supported by Good Player so the problem went away.  I guess if it’s films, then the versions may be the older ones before Good Player had the issue.

I suppose I could re-encode using HandBrake for anything that I have already got?  Would that work?  Or is there a better app I could use?