No audio. Please help!

The media player is connected to the receiver through HDMI. I have audio set to Digital Path-Through. All video files with DTS/Dolby play fine. The problem is I don’t have any audio when I play files with stereo MPEG sound. However I do have audio if it’s set to Stereo. Also, the same files play fine on WD TV Live media player.

Are there any receivers that would know what to do with an .mp3 audio signal passed through to it?

Well, I have Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K receiver and like I said, if I use WD TV Live instead of WD TV Live Hub - these files play fine.

Yes, but the WDTV Live isn’t trying to “pass through” the .mp3 audio.

The manual for the Live Hub says that the two Digital options are for passing through 5.1 surround sound only.

If you want the .mp3 decoded to a 2-channel stream, you need to select “Stereo” on the Live Hub, and then you will get the stereo audio on the RCA jacks, on the HDMI signal and on the SPDIF Toslink.

No, MP3 should work fine when set to Digital Passthru. MP3 is sent as PCM.

That’s not what the manual says Tony. :wink:  That’s all I have to go by.  (Page 130)

It says to select “Stereo” if you want 2.0 output via PCM.

But that’s pain in the a** to switch audio mode every time I want to either enjoy DTS sound or watch videos with MP3 sound. Is there any other way?

Well, as Tony says, I may be totally and absolutely wrong.  I don’t have one to check for myself.  There could be some other reason your .mp3 audio isn’t playing.

I just looked in the manual and all it mentions for the 2 “Digital” settings is 5.1 surround.  But manual writers have goofed up in the past as well.

I’ll just step back and let other Live Hub users jump in and try to help you.

Ok. Thank you RoofingGuy anyway.

I have a bunch of old animé AVI files with stereo mpeg audio that play fine. My Hub is hooked up via optical to an ancient Pioneer AVR. Audio output is set to Digital Pass-Through.

WD have acknowledged some issues between AVRs when connected by HDMI in the latest Live/Plus firmware. Perhaps this is affecting the Hub too?

A sample file or maybe a MediaInfo output would be useful in analysing the non-working files.

Ok. Fixed this by doing the Hard Reset.