No action on N900 let's talk about D-Link Dir-857

Since we have not had anyone tell us when the N900 series will work properly  , let’s chat about the Dir-857 ?

Does anyone have any info on it .   DOES IT WORK ?

Today is my last day to return it to the store. I am on my 2nd N900 with the same results. Cannot use the attached WD USB 3.0 drive . Under use it shuts the unit down even when streaming a movie .  When WD ? 

Frequent wireless drops . When WD ?

When it works briefly it is actually good …


What firmware are you running?


BWoofy : return it ! 

I have had nothing but problems with this unit. 

I spend about an afternoon trying ot configure it. It doesn’t even mount USB devices on a Mac. Can you believe that ? And, after a long, long, long effort, I managed to get the disk to appear : the name is all screwed : it show up as “WDC_WD30_EURS_63R8UY0_91” instead of BRD1 ! 

Worst piece of network device I’ve ever had !

I know companies like WD. They’ll never fix this. Instead, they will probably release a N902 that they hope you’ll buy…