No acces via Explorer after update to Win7


Before: using WinXP and the WD MyBook was accessible thru Explorer, i made severeal folders and put a lot of files on the MyBook. I also used the Shared Storage manager (’ and made a few shared folders.

Now i upgarded to  Win7 and MyBook is only accessible thru Network and i canb only see the folders i made with the Shared Storage Folder. The other folders i made using Explorer )and are in de root of MyBook’ i cannot see… but there is the stuff i want to have access to…

Furthermore i see in Win7 thru Network 4 additional folders named id20567738, id 36093002, id68474039, id68653798… what are those folders, which i have no acces to as the require a username and password. Those folders i cannot see using Shared Storage Manager…


I’ve been hearing that there are permission issues on 7 with sharing folders on a network if you’re using other non-windows 7 computers.  I heard it’s an issue with using homegroup as your workgroup.  I’ve heard that you can’t access shares while using homegroup, that it can only be done by changing homegroup to workgroup.  I’d at least look into that.

those idxxxxxxx folders you see are encrypted folders used by the my book world drives.