NMK Issue

Hi after losing my character (that i spent 150 hours on) in diablo 3 hardcore to a wireless spike i decided to look into powerline devices. Although most of the reviews said  negative things about the customer service i decided to go with WD Livewire since most reviews said they did not have a disconnect in months at a time.

So just got my device today, plugged everything in, synced it, installed all software that came with the device. The device that is attached to my router will not recognize when i use add device, even though ive checked password three times now.

I get the NMK Error: Unable to set the NMK of remote device!!!

I am using these devices in a house we just moved into with all the circuits and cable lines working very well. (At least what the comcast guy said when he tested the sockets).

Really hope i didnt screw up on my research it seemed to me that WD powerline was the best product out there.

Please verify that all of this steps have been taken

Did you ever contact support about this?