Nice portable storage option - Toshiba Canvio

Just thought I’d report on using the Toshiba Canvio portable hard drive with the Live/Plus (I tested on both units).  Like all portable drives, it’s extremely small but also comes in the largest capacity for such a small form factor (1TB).  I picked up the 500GB drive at Amazon for $65 on a gold box deal just to take to our friend’s house to watch television and movies every other week or so.

First thing out of the box – it’s formatted NTFS (good for us PC types) although it can also be formatted FAT or HFS.  However, it did not work with the Live when I simply copied files over there.  These were known good files yet I got a “Unsupported File Type” when I tried to play them.  So I quick formatted the drive, removing the small amount of ■■■■ (backup software) that was on it and then all was fine.  The moral here: don’t give up immediately on your drive just because it doesn’t work with the Live.

I like it because there’s no separate power cable and it fits nicely into my pocket – powers on and off just fine with the Live (unlike some drives).  And it’s lightning quick  – about twice as fast a transfer rate as my NAS (which in itself is no slouch).  Highly recommended.