NFS just wont work

Hi there,

I have been trying to use the NFS shares on the MyBook Live with little success. Originally I was hoping to use this as a store for ISO images for my VMWare server. VMWare registers the NFS share and I can browse it using the datastore browser, however when I use the files on the share for anything I get all types of errors. 

For instance, attaching a VM to an ISO on the share will lock the VM completely, until I unattach the ISO, which then takes about 10 minutes to execute.

If I try to store and run a VM on the share it may start but will VMWare quickly loose connectivity to the share and all associated files, the datastore becomes unavailable and VMs either lock or become unavailable. The datastore will then come alive again in a few minutes after the attempted start of the VM has been closed down.

I have even tried mounting the NFS shares using Windows Server 2008 R2. Any attempt to mount a specific share results in ‘The semaphore timeout period has expired.’ 

I have managed to mount on windows at the base /nfs share, however any access to the share results in the same ‘The semaphore timeout period has expired.’

To test the network I have setup an NFS server on Windows 2008 R2 which has worked for all the scenarios above. So my conclusion is that it is the MyBook NFS server that is causing the problems.

I have also enabled async on the NFS as mentioned in other forum posts.

Any help is appreciated 

NFS shares are not standard on Windows so this could also apply to VMware…

Have you checked on their forums?