NFS for Firmware 2.30.181

Photo of identification information on NAS underside:

As I understand it from the NFS Setup Instructions:

NFS is not supported on single-bay My Cloud (firmware

Why is the ‘NFS Settings’ as shown in the setup instructions absent? Do I need to enable it through another setting? Screenshot of Network configurable items:

I can confirm NFS functionality on gen2 ( firmware.

Go to Settings->Network
then turn NFS on.

It should then allow you to enable NFS on your shares in the sharing section of the UI.

Bear in mind that more complex things with NFS (like using static ports, or using a custom secrets or access file) is not realistic on the Gen2 (without lots of foolery), because WD has the web UI overwrite these files every time you make a change-- AND-- the root file system of the Gen2 is hosted from a volatile ramdisk, and reloaded from the initrd on every boot.

Also, note that 4.xxxx firmware devices are Gen1 myclouds, which have a real root file system. I dont have one of these units, so I cannot speak with authority, but unless WD baked the firmware without NFS kernel server support, it should be possible to turn on NFS using SSH, manually. (WD will probably take exception to that though.)

Do you own a 1st or 2nd generation My Cloud?

1st 04.xx.xx
2nd 02.xx.xx

The gen1 My Cloud has S20nfs-common and S20nfs-kernel-server files in the /etc/rc2.d directory.

I have posted a photo of the NAS underside in the OP: does this identify the generation?

Does the firmware ID the generation? If yes, then my updated Firmware = 2.30.181 labels the hardware as generation 2?

@wierzej: What version firmware is on your device? As I understand the ( indicates generation 2 hardware. I updated the OP with a screenshot to show that NFS settings are not available under Settings->Network. You comments are appreciated

Yes, “-10” at the end of the PN number typically denotes second gen v2.x firmware single bay My Cloud. First generation typically has “-00” at the end of the PN.

Your My Cloud Dashboard will also indicate firmware version on the My Cloud Dashboard Home page.

Check the Share page in the My Cloud Dashboard and select a Share on that page. If there is a NFS setting it may be located there.

Keep in mind however that even though certain graphics in the v2.x single bay My Cloud User Manual may indicate an option being present, the actual Dashboard page may not have that option available. There are several errors in the v2.x single bay My Cloud User Manual.

The gen2 model number ends in -10. If you look at the /usr/local/modules/script directory. There is an nfs script. This script gets run if nfs is enabled in the config.xml file. On
my gen2 the config.xml file has nfs enabled. The following command will return a 1 if nfs is enabled.
xmldbc -g “/system_mgr/nfs/enable”