NEXT/PREV Not working

Hello Everyone.

Jsut replaced an older elements play with a new one. However, when I press the NEXT or PREV button, nothing happens. It wont go to the next or previous video/file.

Also, when it get to the end a video, it doesnt go automatically to the next vidoe. It just stops. 

Is there something in set up i need to do? Is it an auto scan issue? do i need to do something there?

Any help would be great.




Do you have your files all in one folder or are they inside of a folder separate? If they are all together on the same folder, you can try to reset the player.

When you select the file to play, make sure to hit the play button on the remote not the enter key.

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Thank you for that. Yes the files are all in one folder. I will try to reset and will let you know how it goes.



I think Help4All’s second comment is the important one.

I just tested it.

If you press ENTER on a file, it won’t advance to the next, and the SKIP buttons are disabled.

If you press PLAY on a file, it will advance to the next, and the SKIP buttons are active.