Next-Gen WD media players

I am thinking about building my first HTPC media player.
Simple question I have is there NewGeneration media players in the works right now? If so… timeframe?
I doubt I will get a direct or definite answer on this but I thought it was worth a shot and ask the staff here what know, if anything.

If there was something in the works and not too far off I’d be willing to wait and see before building my HTPC.
I doubt it very much the current WD media players are the last so any information anyone has would be appreciated.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

The straight answer is that nobody knows except WD and they don’t tell until its released.

It’s not worth waiting. NO purpose-built mainstream media player will ever come close to what you get with an HTPC…

Indeed, nothing compares to the power of a decently powered HTPC running XBMC or Plex, I have a couple friends that have them and I have also ran them on my PC.

I think were at least mid 2014 Before we hear anything from WD on this anyways.

I have always liked the streaming media players for their simplicity ease-of-use and everything being ready out of the box immediately. I have owned just about all of these type players over the years but there is always something one way or another that is lacking. That’s why my thoughts have turned to a HTPC lately.

I may just build the darn thing anyways and get a streaming media player for the bedroom at some point if there is something worth owning.

On an interesting side note,
I read it’s rumored that WD maybe switching over to the Google platform on there next-generation devices.

If this is true I am sure they will have their own custom UI Running over top of Google.
Information was here:

Yeah, that’s already been mentioned in the SMP forum some time ago.

Check out the devices like Tronsmart T428 or the MK802-IV, MK809-III Android on a stick. There are custom ROMs (, some even use a beta version that includes the great and powerfull XBMC. I have a T428 and it does pretty well running an app called Archos to take care of the media. There is also Mizzu that’s pretty nice too. These device simply plug into the HDMI port on your TV. So it’s kinda like making your TV a BIG tablet! Anything you can do with a tablet you can do with this. Best thing is they’re only about 90.00 or less. I’ve even connected a 320GB hard drive to the USB on mine and it worked great. I’m playing movies off the MBL using it and Archos, haven’t fired up the Hub but a few times since I got the T428. Archos even lets me access my PlayOn server and plays stuff from it pretty well to.

Only downside I have found so far is that it does not pass the 5.1 to my amp via the TV. This is when I turn on the Hub :wink:

This is simply a wallpaper with an app that changes the wallpaper every 30 secs. Using Apex as the launcher and 3D world Clock and Weather app.