Next firmware update?


Anybody heard anything about when WD will release their next FW update for WD TV Live?

I really would like to have some issues resolved!

As many. I am also suffering with the mp4 A/V sync issue and some other glitches…

Hope they come out with something soon, which does not break the device again.



We’ve had a recent firmware update.  Have you updated to it?

Yes I did, but it did not resolve my main issue: AV sync with mp4 files. And the proposed workaround to repack using a MKV container is not the right solution IMO. This must be fixed where the problem is, at the device, and not via a workaround.

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Win7 does not stream MKV containers “out of the box”. It requires a Registry Hack to do so.

Recommending a workaround that isn’t supported by a vanilla Windows streamer (love or hate Micr$oft, they are a big player in this space) isn’t good business.

I support Tim’s view that the device be made to work with a vanilla Win7 back-end.

Cheers from Oztralia.

PS Looking forward to testing out the PopBox. It may work ;-)  

PPS Anyone have any recommendations for a US-based proxy so I can get access to the US-only services from the WD TV Live?

As far as proxy, you can try Hotspot shield and see if that helps you