Newtwork connection problem for WD services

I was able to manual enter IP info and validate the IP in live hub connection check.  But DSN and subnet have a X (not successful)!  I’m able to play video’s from my media server or mapped drive!  But I cannot access any of the online services! 

Automatic setup gave some crazy IP adress, so is this normal?  I don’t think any WD live hub would work for anyone using automatic setup!

Im using comcast, connected to WNDR4000 wireless router, to a unmanaged switch that WD live hub connects. 

Im using connection settings:  (WD is a little excessive here in requireing gateway and dns?)





Accessing the online services like acuweather indicates no valid internet conection. 

Thanks for your help…

Automatic setup should get an adress from your local DHCP server which I am assuming is your NetGear router. All it is doing is sending out an address request and the NetGear is telling it what to setup, so in theory the HUB isn’t making that decision.

If you choose to do a manual setup, you need to make sure it is outside of the range adresses that your DHCP server is issuing, but on the same subnet. If your HUB can access the computer(s) in your house and vice versa, you should be all set. At that point, I would look at the router as the issue not translating your internal network to a useable external address for the internet, or a problem on the switch you are attached to.

So, does your computer both see the HUB on your internal network and have internet acess as well? I have a very similar setup with a NetGear Router with some of the ethernet ports being used, and a swith attached to that as well with some machines on it and have no issue, so your setup seems like it should work fine. If the HUB is not recieving an address via DHCP, the first thing I would try is connecting it directly to one of the four ethernet ports on the back of the Router, eliminating the switch as part of the issue. Also possibly a DNS issue where you are not resolving names. You can also set your DNS to the same address as the gateway and it should translate that out for you to the comcast DNS server.



Thanks for the deailed response…  I had a older firmware version that must have caused most of the issus.  I went through the update procedure with a USB memory stick.  Using Release 3.03.13 firmware and that was another odd experience because it seemed to update the WD Hub to v2.x then connection was established to internet (Auto Network Config must have been successful or my manual settings must have kicked in internet coneectivity)  and then updated to  3.03.13 over the internet .   So lesson was learned to update firmware before asking questions.