Newly bought WD30EZRX already 8 years old --> return or use it?

Hi everyone,
I recently bought a new “WD 3TB SATA III WD30EZRX GREEN 64MB 7200U/min 3,5 Zoll” which arrived today (eBay, Germany). The label on the disk says it was produced in 2013!
SMART data confirm that and show the disk has never been used beofre (started once by me and 0 operating hours). The wd warranty status is “out of waranty” (since 7-Nov-2015) as expected.

My questions are:
Is there any way the SMART data could be fake?
Is there any chance to have some wd warranty as the disk hase never been used before?
Would you use or return the disk?

Any advice is appreciated.
Best regards,


You should try contacting WD’s Technical Support.

To Contact WD for Technical Support, please refer to the link below:

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