Newly bought WD100EFAX, Like a truck. :(

Under a year I bought 3 pieces WD RED HDD. Two pieces 6TB (EFAX, EFRX) and this one, WD100EFAX. All was defective at the first power on. :frowning:

I am angry and sad. :frowning:

Hi Perec75,

We sincerely apologize for the bad experience and thank you for writing to us.

Please refer to the link mentioned below in order to replace the defective drive.


It is best if you can give us a call so we can help you in a better way, please contact us on given below contact details.

Contact Support

List of WD support phone numbers.

Hi, [ABBswiss7]

Thank you for your answer.
Before yesterday I created an RMA.
By this way, the defective HDD now traveling to
Kelsterbach - Germany,
WD Collection Center.

I hope, I will get back a brand new one,
with full, 3 years warranty.

Thank you and

Best Regards,
Attila Soรณs
from Hungary