Greetings all,

just thought that I would pop along and say hello.

I got my new WD Live Duo 6TB from Dabs yesterday.

Connected to my Sky Router.

Dead easy setting up the WD…which is why i chose it.

I had a Buffalo Drivestation - which broke down after 3 weeks!!

Virtually every device on the home network could see it.

Only the Sony TV cannot see it.

Not visible -> via the network media servers. It can see servio(runing on my laptop).

I’ll attack it over the weekend after I’ve finished copying stuff onto them.

Anyway, hello all

after I’ve finished copying stuff onto them.

Good luck with that. I hope you don’t get the problems I had after setting it to mirror - about 40 hours before the thing became ‘normally responsive’.

40 hours? eek!

It took 5 hours for me to copy 55GB over the Wifi.

Now its stuck in green flashing light mode…[Deleted] thumbnails!

‘5 hours for 55gb’?

That seems really slow - but others have experienced very slow/variable rates too.

Mine were very variable, and usually horrible whilst rebuilding. They now seem to have settled but seem slow - a recent test on a 2.8gb single mp3… 2 minutes forty seconds when directly connecting the LD to my Mac, or ethernetting my Mac to the router to which the LG is connected. Five minutes twenty seconds by wifi.

All is up and running. A neat piece of kit indeed. Much much better than the Buffalo that the WD replaced.