Newbie to MyCloud - problems with login to MyCloud


I have just bought a WD MyCloud EX2Ultra and tried to configure it. I thought I did well, but…
(Please correct me if I use wrong terms) I can login to MyCloud locally (from my laptop, inside my home LAN) using \devicename or IP. I set up users and emails. But I can’t log in to my WD from outside nor from app. When I try to it says “invalid email or password”. I am 100% sure the email is correct and I enter the same password as when I am on LAN.

Can the problem be caused by the same email for two users (actually for admin account and me as ordinary user) ?

Or maybe because I created some time ago (a year maybe) a MyCloudHome account with the same email ?

I am stuck. I don’t know what else can I do.

Make sure you have the cloud access account setup under the “Cloud Access” in your EX2 Ultra’s web dashboard, and not just the local NAS user account.

Here are some KB articles that may help as well: