Newbie: Not seeing MBL on network?


Just bought a 2TB MBL and have been pulling my hair out why I cant upload anything to it. I originally had the drive plugged straight into my laptop via ethernet cable, and it did show up then. But could not access the drive due to a error messege saying something to do with it not being configurred to share prinitng ports?? 

So have tried plugging it straight into router (Sky) but it is now not showing. The dashboard thingy shortcut is on my desktop, and can access that OK. I have put every share option to on, but cant see MBL on my network. What a ball ache this is. There was a similar post I saw on here that mentioned a fix that was something to do with the WEP settings of the router, but mine is on WPA2 already? 

Am I being a total ■■■■■ here?? Sorry if this is just basic stuff, but I have spent about 3 hours on this, if I had known it was going to be this much hassel I dont think I would have bought it. 

Any help would be great, it might be one setting that needs adjusting (i hope!!)


Hello, let’s start with something simple. Check the link below for the steps, to map the My Book using the WDlink program. 

Mapping a drive letter on a WD Network hard drive using WD Link


I have installed the WD link, it sees my MBL, I highlight it, but there are no shares in the bottom screen to assign a drive to? 

According to my dashboard, there should be 4 shares on there??