Newbie needs some help please? folder.jpg

Greetings All,

I was blessed to get a Hub for Christmas. I have copied all my media over from my old PC. I had previously been running My Movies so I already had images / thumbnails for all my movies.

I am wondering how to get my thumbnails to show up in the menu. Some do show up but only a handful.

Is there an extra file I need in each movie folder along with the folder.jpg. An xml or something? I really just want the thumbnails to show up so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.



Just make sure that they have the same name and that they are in the same forder…

Thanks for the post. What do you mean by same name and same folder?

Here is my setup for my movies:

Folder = Movie Title

            Folder = VIDEO_TS

            Folder = AUDIO_TS

            File = folder.jpg

Are you saying that folder.jpg needs to be renamed to match the movie title? Or should it remail folder.jpg and be put in the VIDEO_TS folder (which is withing the movies title folder). Or renamed to match the movie title and put in the VIDEO_TS folder?

Thanks so much.

Ragdexx was refering to movies that are a single file such as a .avi or .mkv file. The way you have it setup should work when you are browsing directories, but to I have the exact same issue and have never been able to fully solve it. Some of my movies that are in VOB files the directory jpg works, others it does not. I tested having it as your setup in the main, having the jpeg i the VIDEO_TS directory and a couple of other sub-directory setups, but I still have some that work and others that dont.

End result has been where possible convert the video to a single file format (ISO would be the quickest and easiest), and then name the jpg “moviename.jpg”.

Hopefuly someone has a better answer but I have not found one that has succesfuly worked for all of my movies that were in that format, so I ended up converting them all to single files.


Thanks for the Post Peral. I am wondering what role the xml plays? Do you think adding something to the xml may make a difference? I am dealing with 2.5tbs of movies so converting them to one file may take a bit. Thanks again.

I’m still trying to figure this issue out. I am going to have to start reloading everything as ISOs to see if that works.

Anyone else have any ideas?

I’ve got next to no experience with VIDEO_TS (I do ISO all the time)

Just for laughs though, i wonder what would happen doing this ?

VIDEO_TS.VOB  >  rename your jpeg to   VIDEO_TS.jpg  (this is placed in the VIDEO_TS folder)

VTS_01_0.VOB  >  rename your jpeg to   VTS_01_0.jpg   (this is placed in the VIDEO_TS folder)


worth a try i guess ? 

Joey this has worked for me in the past (not all of the time though)

For my VIDEO_TS folders I rename the .jpg to the first file in the folder, usually VTS_01_0.jpg or VTS_01_1.jpg

There are a few movies in this format which do not display the cover art even after renaming the .jpg’s however for most of them this has been successful.