Newbie Needs Help - Multiple Files of Same Song/Pic

Happy New Year!  I recently purchased a WD Live TV unit w/o an internal HD ($89).  I am using a WD 1 TB Passport with it.  It has taken several hours to upload the code for everything (over 11,000 pics, 2700 songs, and 90 movies). I have a question. I have noticed there are duplicates of all the songs and pics.  When hooking the Passport up to my PC however there are not duplicates.  Any ideas why this is happening and how to get around it if possible?  Thanks.

Not sure if duplicates of metadata

you can try rebuilding the media library

I have reported a couple of instances of repeated filenames but the only suggestion is to delete the _wdtv folder or rebuild the library    :frowning:

No possibilty of the bug being fixed?  just “lived with”!?   :frowning: