Newbie - My book & iPad

I’ve copied a few pic and videos onto the My Book device. I have the ‘WD2 go’ app on my IPad and now I have a couple of

questions /issues

  1. I selected a pic to view.  Is there a ‘slideshow option’  or just swiping to the next pic, over and over.?

  2. I started a video and can’t seen to exit from the darn thing.  How do I return to the folder listings ?  On my Andriod, I would just kill the process !  The only option I see here, is to remove and re-sync the app ?

  3. When I start the app I asked to login as admin or the user account I created.

What is the admin account password.  Is it the password I selected during the install process ?

Thanks in advacne dor the help !

  1. If there is I haven’t found how to use it.

  2. On my galaxy S2 I just press the back button.

  3. Try using admin as the password.