Newbie introducing and TS files question

Hi guys(and gals) just joined wd forums and need help with my wd 2tb media player hard drive.

Bought wd media player to convert and store all my dvd’s(have 500 now)to hard drive as Video TS files.

I know these are big files but I like the quality of the play back.

Problem is when I convert to ts files (decrypted with Dvd fab8/dvdshrink/free dvd(dvd43)burn to disc I get 100% one to one copies decrypted and play smooth as silk error free no time breaks between files on playback but if I store the decrypted ts files  to the wd media player instead of burning to disc it plays fine but reads gap between files(like tracks on music compo) .

How can I remove this gap and make the Ts files play as one film?

Is there a synch method I can apply that I am missing?

Any help grateful

Use TSMuxerGUI to combine all the TS files into one single file.

Hi tony  thanks for that but I dont know how to get that .Is it a download or an add on or what ? where can I access that and what part of thr copy process do I apply it.I can give you emailaddress if you wish to send me fix.cheers Ian

Thanks TonyPH12345 for link in pm   Keep in touch