Newbie here

Hi all, searched but could not find an answer… Just bought the G-Raid 16tb Thunderbolt 3. Have a LaCie 4tb USB-c drive I would like to use as my backup drive, ( running the G drive in Raid 0 ). Can I use the USB-c port in the G drive to connect? Tried, does not see the LaCie drive. Doing something wrong?

No you cannot. You will need to attach both drives separately directly to the computer.

Thanks. Can I attach another Thunderbolt 3 drive , daisy chain it then?

Yes you can definitely do that.

To confirm, if I buy another Thunderbolt 3 drive I can attach it to the second Thunderbolt three port and have Time machine use it as the backup drive?

Thats the second thunderbolt three port on the G…

Yes that is the reason our devices have two Thunderbolt ports on the device.


Will your model 0G04023 work for me?