Newbie Help with removing video/audio info


I have had WD Media Live device for about 2 months and I use it for work to play adverts etc to a live audience in there thousands, my question is is it possible to remove the little top left graphic that shows me the video and audio codec as this stays on for about 4-5 seconds and means I have to run a 7 second countdown clock to make sure the VT starts without that in the corner and its quite annoying. I am sure I read somewhere that you can access some settings through a computer to stop it doing this but can’t find the page anymore. I have a macbook pro so that is how I would be accessing it if this is possible. All help appreciated. Thanks Lee

The “Top Left Graphic” displays the Audio and Subtilte


It can be easily removed … see my old post here:


Unzip this … copy the folder to you WDTV Live Hub   eg .  X:.wd_tv\theme\NoAudioSubOSD


Then appy the “Theme” and the “Top Left Graphic” will be gone.

Thank you so much, so easy and quick to do. And its got rid of most of the menu jusk at the bottom too so even better.

Thanks Again