Newbie got a question (backup)

Hi everybody,

I just got my new my book live.

Never had a networkharddrive before.

So I just have a question concerning the backup (smartware).

I dont want to Backup C:   but an other external harddrive H:

On C: i just have windows, and so there are no pics or anything to be backed up.

On H: I got it all (pics, music, videos, documents, stuff for work and college) - all about 800GB.

And i want all of it being backed up. And what I also need to be done by the Harddrive or the program, that it atomatically back ups data, which i save or rename etc.

Can anyone help me please :slight_smile:

Thanks from Germany

Smartware backsup with it’s own method and not all file types. You’ll have to find some other software that allows more control. Acronis, Paragon and Easuse all make good products. Acronis is free to try and the others have a free version to try. The free versions will not have all features either. I don’t know how any of them work with a network drive.



What OS do you have? if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can use Windows backup as well. If you have Mac you can use Time Machine.-