Newbie asking how to know which files Category backup took

I used Smartware to do a Category backup of my Win XP3 laptop.  Since I can’t see(can I?) the file structure on the on the USB 2.0 WD 500gb drive how do I know where  the backkup’d files came from? Specifically, for photos does the backup SW take photo file, e.g., jpg, from My Documents and Program File folder?

Did you use the dropdown of the Advanced View to see and check what you want backed up? See image below.

Yes. The reason I posted is I have photos in two locations, My Documents folder, and in the Program s folder. I want to know if the Category backup saves .jpg files from all folders. In hind site, I think I should have used the File backup and I wouldn’t be asking. Can you answer?

Yes, see image below. They are in the same library (My Documents Library) on the My Cloud.

I haven’t tried a files backup.