New Youtube App Very Sloppy

I have latest version of WD TV Live Hub Firmware (Release 3.11.10 (3/28/2013))

However I find that even though after so many new updates the Youtube app of WD TV (in Services Section) is extremly sloppy. Also there is no option of playing the videos in lower bandwidth (SD Quality) like I have in my Sony Bravia LCD TV Firmware.

As a result I’m forced to watch the youtube videos only on my sony lcd firmware youtube app.

Can developers of firmware consider adding a better youtube app along with the bandwidth quality control feature (both SD and HD Option like in Bravia TV) so that its ‘Practically’ possible for me to use the APP of WD Firmware.

The YouTube Leanback app is developed by YouTube developers, not WD, so there’s not much WD can do about that.

The WD version of the app hasn’t been updated since Leanback was introduced.  YouTube allowed WD to “grandfather” the app on some platforms (the Hub and SMP, AFAIK), but no new development on it.

All new devices as well as FW for the older boxes has ONLY the Leanback app.

For those wanting a better YouTube app. just install Twonky Beam on a mobile phone or tablet, and “beam” YouTube videos to the WD player (or Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, etc).

Thanks @Tonyph12345 for telling the facts that its youtube fault not WDs

Thanks @mike27oct I’ll try your method as there seems to be no other option available from youtube over the same.

Youtube did lots of changes in previous 2 months, even basic WD YouTube app is unstable :frowning:

It does appear they have made changes, because Twonky Beam users have complained recently of problems with YT as well.  Seems to be working well again, tho.

If the WD Hub ran on Android, it wouldn’t be stuck with abandon-ware.