New WDTV Play - No Apps....No anything..?

New WD TV Play out of the box, plugged it all in, no apps to be found.

Checked online and the forum…can’t find any related help.

Network or wifi connection, go thru setup, compete, no apps.

Can’t access USB connected HDDs (Although it does detect them, and can eject them), can go online…no apps it seems.

Been through the manual, but the manual seem to assume, for HDD access, that there should already be a “My Storage” app.

But there’s not an app to be seen.

Any help appreciated.

What is the model number of your player and what firmware is it running. Check setup for firmware details. What do you see on the screen after boot up?

Checked the firmware, running the latest version.

Boots to the “My Favourites” Screen.

Which looks as per all other “guides” “manuals” etc, just no apps to be seen.

When you click on the ‘globe styled’ icon for “Use these buttons to access all your apps…”.

The result is another screen (standard background) saying “All my Apps”, but no apps.

If you check the usage, it’s only  14.91MB of 217.83MB.

Firmware: 1.05.47

Part No: WDBMBA0000NBK

Rich, just wondering if there is no internet connection, would the apps appear?  Could problem be in network/internet connectivity?