NEW WDTV Live streamer owner, but HELP!

Right, Just purchased the WDTV live streaming player (2011 version) and its great, but my biggest issue is that I want to upload the files from my laptop to my connect USB drive attached to the streamer using my wireless connectivity, how do i do it???

I can get the video file to stream and play over wireless to the player but why cant I upload the file to the attached USB harddrive?? I really dont want to have to keep disconnecting and re-connecting the harddrive everytime I want to put a film on the harddrive as it takes ages to read it again what am I missing?? I cannot find an option to copy the file to the harrdrive!!!


Hi fonejackeron

Go to Control Panel

Then Network And Sharing Center

At the top of screen you will see basic information as follows

This computer        Your router            Internet

Click your router

At the top of that screen you will see your computer and the wdtv live icon.

Click the wdtv live icon and you should then have access to your usb hard drive.



Umm…you don’t have to do all that.

Just open an explorer window, click on Network in the navigation pane on the left.

The SMP should show up as a Computer (if you didn’t change the name it will be “WDTVLIVE”).

Click on it and you’ll should have access.

Or you can map the drive connected to the SMP.

This is for mapping the HUB, but the procedure is basically the same for the SMP.

MAPPING YOU HUB AS A NETWORK DRIVE (for HUB user only, SMP users can do the same for external drives attached to your SMP)

The first thing you will want to do, to make things easier, is to map the HUB as a network drive.  Now, I can’t go through the procedures for every OS, but this is how to map it using either Vista or Windows 7. (Note: Make sure that your PC can detect your HUB/SMP under Network)

First, click on Start, then click on Computer.


A new window will pop up and at the top of that window you will see Map Network Drive.

Map Drive.jpg

Click on “Map Network Drive”.

Another widow will pop up for Mapping the Network Drive.

Map Network Drive.jpg

Next to “Drive:” you will see a dropdown box, from there you can select the drive letter you want to represent the HUB.  It can be any letter that is available in the dropdown box.

Next to “Folder” you will see a input box and a “Browse” button.  Click on the “Browse” button and a new widow will pop up that has a list of you your network drives that can be mapped.  You should see in that list “WDTVLiveHUB” or whatever name you are using for the HUB (if you don’t then the HUB is not connected to your network and you will need to do further things to get it connected, which will not be covered in this guide).  Click on “WDTVLiveHUB” and it should drop down and you will see again “WDTVLiveHUB”, click on it then click on Ok.


Once you have done that you should now have something like this:

Map Network Drive2.jpg

If it is not already checked, check the box next to “Reconnect at logon”, the click “Finish” and your done.   You should now see be able to go to My Computer and see the HUB’s drive.

Big thanks to everyone that’s posted here got it sorted now. Cheers guys, love this **bleep** thing.