New WDTV Live Metadata Questions

I just purchased the new WDTV Live with wifi and have a few questions I am hoping someone can answer for me.  A quick overview of my setup is that all my files are shared through the network using SMB.  There is nothing shared directly using usb.

1)  I have settings set to download Metadata info but none of my files have any.  When I browse my network shares and choose a file and then Options, there is no option to download Metadata there either like the manual states.  How can I get the metadata or is it not possible?

2)  I see stars and a heart next to all my files and folders but how do I rate them or add certain files or folders as my favorites?  I tried clicking Options on the remote but the option to rate or add to favorites does not show up like it states in the manual.

3)  I have a wireless N only network using an Apple Time Capsule but for some reason the WDTV is not recognizing it.  It is set to wideband and has WPA2 security.  The manual states that this setup should work with the WDTV but it is not.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sorry for all the questions, I have had the regular WDTV Live Plus for a while now and that works great but doesn’t have all the metadata and wifi features.  Mainly just trying to figure out how to get all these new features to work over network share.

Thanks again in advance.

All good questions!

  1.  It’s a limitation that WD has mentioned (in other forums) that they’re still working on.   Metadata is only generated for USB storage right now.   This is all part of the MEDIA LIBRARY functionality, and that doesnt’ exist yet for NAS.

Here’s a trick you can do though…

Put a zero-length file on your USB that matches the name of the file you have on the NAS.   

Put the USB on the Live and let it do its thing.   When it’s done, go put the USB drive back on your PC and copy the XML and JPGs  over to your NAS, then discard the zero-length file.  

It’s kludgy, but will work in a pinch.

  1. Again, you can’t for NAS storage, only for USB, since that all depends on the MEDIA LIBRARY, which is not yet functional for NAS.

  2. The N-adapter int he WDTV is 2.4Ghz single-band only.

Thanks for the answers.  What I expected but just wanted to make sure.

Also, what do you mean by zero length file?  Can’t I just unhook my USB drive from my main server computer and attach it to the WDTV and let it do it’s thing with the metadata and then just re-attach it to the main computer again and share over the network as normal except with the metadata files there?

Sure. I was assuming your files were on an internal drive.

Hi, any idea when this will be fixed?

I can’t go inserting a USB drive for each of my films and it doesn’t seem that you can do them all at once because the meta data is created in the root of the drive rather than the individual folders.

ArnoVR wrote:

Hi, any idea when this will be fixed?

It was fixed almost two weeks ago.

Thanks for your reply TonyPh12345, when I browse to my CIFS network share and select options on a media file I don’t get the option to get content info. Are we talking about the same thing? Running latest firmware.

ArnoVR wrote:


Thanks for your reply TonyPh12345, when I browse to my CIFS network share and select options on a media file I don’t get the option to get content info.

Then you haven’t changed your Content Source (via the Red Button) to “My Media Library”

“My Media Library” just takes me back to the media files on the internal disk. I would like to add meta data to the media files shared on my NAS via CIFS. Don’t want to sync them up, want them to stay on the NAS.

Ok, you’re royally confusing me.

First, you continued a thread that’s in the wrong place to begin with.   The Live and Live+ that this forum is about don’t do metadata.

Second, even though it’s int the wrong place, this thread was about the *NEW* (2011) Live SMP. 

Third, you now say that the “My Media Library” only takes you to the INTERNAL DISK.   

So let me guess.   You have a HUB??   Not a Live, Not a Live+, Not a Live SMP, but the LIVE HUB?


This is what you need to do.


Now go to


Now re-add your server(s).

When it’s done COMPILING, press the RED BUTTON and change the content source to “My Media LIbrary.”


TonyPh12345 despite the fact that I posted on the wrong forum, you answered me and made me a very very happy man. I can now get content info for all the files on my NAS. The Live TV Hub is for my family(hence the hard disk on which I’ll sync my files), and will now be putting in an order for the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player for myself not only that but I’ll be ranting to everyone about your cool products are and how helpful the WD Community is. Exemplary and recipe for further success. You rock, thanks a lot!!