New WDTV - Grid Theme.....?

Hello there Guys and Gals, not to sure of I will making any sense here, but on the NEW WDTV on the home page there is a grid screen (Which I prefere, also like the new way you can just add folders to it really easily) but it seems there is no option to change the theme of this. For example If I choose to install a new theme then the same rules for the Mochi theme apply. But what happens if I want to add a grid view to the home page? The point is I cant! WHY WD? (or anyone else that can help me???) 

Surely it goes without saying that WD have this new grid screen function on to the theme, but If you add your own theme you loose this gridview function… It makes no sense to me, surly this device should be moving forwards, not backwords?

If anyone can shed some light I would be most appreciated.

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so lets try and follow this loggicaly

WD releases new device

  • new device has a new function

you install old theme designed for old device

now you complain that old theme does not support the new function

so to sum it up, WD is moving forward

but you’re moving backwards

Thtas not fare! and its not what I said, basically what I am saying is im not trying to install an old theme. I am trying to create a new one, but the problem is WD dont give you a theme apart from the legacy theme. There are no new parts to the theme so what I am saying is WD have given us something new, but no power to create a new theme (based on the new design) to go with it.

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Well, good luck Richie if WD listen to you …

Myself  and other well-known themers have requested changes over the last 3-4 years

nada, zilch , zip, zero …

That’s totally different from what i got out of your first post

If i had the device i would extract the theme for you but i dont own the new device

Thanks Kad, so sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, not always good at putting my point across!!!

The daft thing is if you go to there website, click on the new WDTV then click downloads (for the firmware) it gives you this link

Current Firmware - 1.00.42 (05/2014)

But as soon as you click on it, you get a another page that has nothing to do with the firmware! lol

It would seem that WD cant even get that right!!

It did make me laugh, I ask here in the community if the WDTV SMP - WDTV had GB ehternet as stated on there web page ( I know it hasnt) but I though they may have updated the Hardware! I was kinda laughed at (in a nice way) but as soon as I pointed this out to WD (trades description) within an hour or so they have changed it! - now only if they could do everything as as quick!!!:smileyvery-happy:

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:smileyvery-happyat myself… WELL the good news is I think I have found it…the .xml that need to be changed are all called “METRO” example “metro_home.xml” (its amazing when you actually look!!!) :smileyvery-happy:

Hope this helps anyone else!!!

I will let you know how I get on!!!

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Questoin I am on the new Grid Theme but where did the buttons on the bottom go? For example how to get to my files that are pulged into the extral hard drive now?