New WD1002FAEX HDD problem


I just bought the new WD1002FAEX HDD. However, i found the problem.

I used the EaseUS FREE Partition Manager in WinXP for partition and format the WD 1TB HDD.

After that, I used it to store the other OS HDD clone image files by Acronis True Image in DOS mode. However, it shows fail. Acronis True Image found the WD HDD (1TB) but it with a “CROSS” on its icon. 

If the WD 1TB HDD is partition in Vista by using WD utility, and then formatted in Vista.It can be used to store the other OS HDD clone image files by Acronis True Image in DOS mode. But it is fail to tranfer the image file to other location by using USB3.0 Hard Disk Docking.

Does the WD 1TB HDD fault ?

I used the Hitachi 1TB for doing the same process as above, there is no problem.

I think your product is so mystery. And  caused me so headache.

Please help.  I tried 3 days until purchased. But it is not success.


You should have the drive tested with Data Lifeguard Diagnostic

Thanks for your information. I will check it later.

Besides, do you know how to partition and format WD1002FAEX HDD ?

Since, WD HDD is different to other brands of HDD. It is using 4k bytes per sector (Advanced Format).

Does it cause my problem ? Since other brand of HDD is still using 512bytes per sector. 

Could you and WD staff to clarify it ? Could they publish the specified DOC for illustrate how to partittion and format that series of HDD ?  I already read the FAQ from WD website but it is so confused.

Thanks !

Anyone can help me ?

I used   Data Lifeguard Diagnostic  for check it. But it is no Error (Error code is zero.