New WD Live Plus user - Should I send it back for a WD Live? No Vudu on Plus?!

Guess I did not do enough research :frowning:

Given that the WD Live got Vudu I incorrectly assumed that the WD Live Plus would have it too. Am I correct in my readings of the forums that the plus will NOT have Vudu (which BTW…is goofy. The product marketing arm of WD needs to get it’s act together. When you market a product as plus over an offering one thinks you are getting everything the base model has)

So…should I send the plus back when it gets here and trade it in for the “LIve” model without the “plus”?

Your conclusions are based on incorrect info.

The WDTV Live and the WDTV Live+ are older products.   Live introduced in 2009, and Live+ in early 2010.

The WDTV Live Streaming Media Player was shipped in October 2011, and is entirely different than the 2009 model.

No one here knows if the Live+ will get Vudu or not.   It’s unlikely, but possible.  WD *might* release one more firmware for that platform (and the 2009 model) before it goes “Legacy.”

But to answer your question, if you have the legitimate option to return your Live+ in exchange for a Live SMP, I would absolutely do so…  

Thanks for the clarification. I’ll cancel the order and ship it back for the new one.