New User with a My Book Duo brick on my desk


While I’m waiting for a response on my help ticket from yesterday, I thought I’d see if any of you have suggestions. 

Initial setup of a My book Duo 4tb.  Attempting to set the configuration to RAID 1 via the WD Utiliities.  As soon as I select Configure, I get a message box that reads “The Configuratino of the drive has failed”.  I can’t find reference to this message in any of the PDF documentation, Knowledge Base or, so far, on here. 

Initially, the drive showed up and I was able to access the files on the drive, etc.  Now it doesn’t show up in file manager at all.  It does appear in Device Manager.

The power light is on and white, solid.  After a while, it will go to what I believe is sleep mode.

Windows 7, 64 bit, USB 3.0

What I’ve done:

  • Utilities diagnose.  Status Check.  Pass.  Quick Drive Test.  Pass.
  • Rebooted multiple times. 
  • Unplugged, tried a different 3.0 USB
  • Updated all software.

Any thoughts are appreciated.  (Extra points if they actually apply to this problem.) 



Welcome to the WD Community.

Just in case, check the power cable. Make sure that the is the right one for the drive and that is connected to the wall outlet.

Also try downloading the latest version of the WD Utilities.