New User - Unable to access drive remotely via App or w2go website

Hope someone can help me please.  I purchased a Cloud Drive yesterday, set it up I can access all the information from my PC, iphone and ipad when connected via wifi on my LAN.

However when i am away from home, using the iphone app I get the message “Device Offline” The device in inacessible only local files are availiable.

Today I was working on a client site and needed to get some files from my drive, when I tried to use the desktop app or the w2dgo website I was getting timeout messages in accessing the drive.

I’ve just checked and confirmed my ports 80 and 443 are forwarded on my router, Ive deleted the remote access profile for my iphone through the dashbord and used a new key … but nothing helps.

Help :angry:

Try rebooting the drive.

I found (before the car crash of the new firmware) that the following  was pretty much standard

ios app - did work but slow

android app - hardly ever worked, device offline message

via wdtgo - did work, v slow,  but now not working after new firmware

FYI, the remote connection speed is based on the MyClouds network’s upload speed. So if the MyCloud is on your home network and you have an upload speed of say 1Mb (Megabit), then your access the files at a rate of ~100Kb/s or less

Well after a bit more reading and experimenting and also logging a support tick with WD, to which they responded I set up a Static IP address for the device on my Billion modem and fowarded the ports and to my joy the iphone app connected to the drive without issue.

What really surprised me and to my delight I actually got a call from WD support to follow up and assist in this process, which ultimately I didnt need as a result of setting up the static IP but I call that great customer service, something I didnt think would happen after seeing various posts and expereinces from other users here.

So my experience with WD is positive.

I’ll try over the weekend disconnecting my notebook off the network and using a 4G usb card to connect up to the net and accessing the HD … this is my main method of connection when I am working on client sites.