New User - thoughts/questions

Thanks in advance.

I am new to this device - i’ve had my Life box (2 of them actually) for about 3 weeks.   I have started converting my DVD/Blu-rays to digital form for streaming.  It has certainly been a learning process - i have had to rip several of my discs multiple times.   I have about 150 discs in so far.  I have started to notice some behaviors that I wanted to check to see if I was doing something wrong or if these are issues:

Basic setup info:  Everything is wired ethernet - gigabit.  My shares are all on a NAS box.  My WDTV box is connected through a Yamaha receiver to my TV via HDMI.

  1.  Auto MetaData scan - this feature just seems to flat out stop working at about 120 discs in the collection.  At first it would detect when new video files were added to the share and do a pretty good job of matching them to the correct meta- data automatically.  Now - i have to everyone manually.

  2. NFS shares - when I went to add my second share - it told me it was added.   However I could never get the metadata to load (even though it was present in the NAS directory).   It also frequently disappeared and I would have to re-add it.   

  3.  Alphabetical sorting - the device doesn’t appear to handle articles like “A” and “The” correctly.  LIke 50% of my collection is now listed under the letter “T” as the movie title contains the article “The”.

  4. Parental control - I have minor children in my house.  I am putting all my R rated content in a separate share.   Is there a way to require a password for access on a per share basis?

Thanks again for any help/suggestions - or just pointing out where i missed something.


I assume that you have a live streaming player therefore you should be posting at the link below

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Thanks - thought i was in right place - reposted in other forum.