New user problem - please help 'This site cannot be reached'

Hi, hoping someone can help with what I hope is a easy fix.

I have set up my Cloud device and all is well, however I cant access it via my home router yet I can from my workplace, my friends house etc.

The error message I get at home is ‘This site cannot be reached’

I set it up ok and was able to view it a few days ago at home…yet now I have the problem.

Any help gratefully rec’d.


Is the My Cloud connected to your “home router”? Or is this “home router” actually in a remote location like your workplace and friends house?

The My Cloud is connected to my own home router via an ethernet cable (as per instructions) in my house.
Thanks for you reply

While on your home network, how are you attempting to access the My Cloud? Using Windows File Explorer / Mac Finder? Or WD My Cloud Desktop? Or some other method?

The typical method when on the same local network is to access the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder, and configure the My Cloud using a web browser by accessing the My Cloud Dashboard (http://wdmycloud)

Thanks for replying, when at home I have been trying to access the drive the only way I know (new user & not tech savvy) via and logging in. I’m guessing then that there is an easier way then? Is there something I should use in the dashboard, I can access as admin. Thank you

If you haven’t read the My Cloud User Manual ( you should, it explains the features of the My Cloud and how to use them. Or see the My Cloud Learning Center:

Like previously indicated the typical method to access the My Cloud to copy data or access data on the My Cloud is using Windows File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Macintosh). If you do not know what or how to use Windows File Explorer / Mac Finder then I would suggest you spend some time searching the internet for a “How To”.

Hi again, thanks so much for your help, I have successfully added the award
app and can see my files etc so success! Really appreciate your assistance,
will now read the manual. Thanks again.