New user, New member, some questions

Just installed MyCloud (2T) and need help on several questions but will take them one at a time.

  •  Cloud installed on network with two PCs (wired) and two printers (wireless)

  •  Took advice and down stepped to Ver. 3.

  •  1st ?  On power up of either PC  I go to Start>Network and I don’t see Cloud listed on left panel.  However it’s in two spots on right panel, i.e., under Media and again under Storage.  I have to right click on image and click on “Open” and then get sign-on for name and password.  Only enter my User Name as I have not as of yet set a PW and all is well except the IP address ( in my case is listed instead of WDMyCloud.  Later on I noticed that it has changed from IP to name.  Don’t know when and how this happens.  Same happens if I open Windows Explorer.

I can’t figure it its Router related, Cloud related or PC related and would appreciate some assistance.  Thanks

Windows in general seems to be inconsistant with with finding network resources and names

in windows explorer you can use \ipaddress and should be more consistant

also be sure the workgoup is the same on both devices

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Thanks, your last line rung the bell back there somewhere and I found out that the Cloud still had the default homegroup name.  I corrected and all appear to be OK.

Now I try my second question on you:  Is TimeMachineBackup strictly an Apple feature?  If so, can I just delete it without causing any problems?

timemachine is an Apple thing only.

And yes, it can be disabled safely. (I say disabled… Removal of packages can cause all sorts of issues, and is not recommended)

Thanks, I was thinking to just remove the Share with Dashboard.  Not all that important but I don’t like unnecessary stuff layiing around. Not a good idea, huh?


You can safely remove the timebackupshare from the share list. If you do a system only restore, it will come back.