New user issue

I had to create a new user account for myself on my PC due to my old account profile becoming corrupted. When I open my

WD My Book Elite to back up the new user files the screen says “there are no writable partitions”.

As I understood it the My Book should be able to back up several users files. Can you help solve this issue?


Hi eugenechris, are you trying to backup your files manually or using a backup software. 

Hello Ichigo,

I was going to uswe the WD software, but could do nothing manually either.


Hi again, if you are having problem to copy files manually or using a backup software, I recommend you to use another USB cable and if possible connect the hard drive on another PC. You can also try running a DLG test to verify if the hard drive has any hardware damage.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows 

Hi Ichigo,

The drive works fine when I log on to my PC with my old user name/account but just not with my new user name/account.


By any chance are you connecting the My Book Elite to a Mac PC? If you are, check the link below for more information.

No I am using a windows PC.

The point which seems to be being missed is that when I log into the PC with my old but still existing user name and account the MY book works fine when I open it up. It is only when I log into the PC with my new user name and account and then try and open the MY book that the message on the My Book main screen says “there is no writable partition available!”!

I copied all my old user files over to the new successfully.