New upgrade MyBook World Vs Twonky 5.1.9


Today I have upgraded my book world and I have now twonky 5.1.9.

But before I upgrade the twonky server know how to read my usb1-shared1 mounted device and now it don’t want to read it.

First thing I have check if the configuration file was updated during the upgrade but not and the flag is “contentbase=/”

I have try also to create a link in the directory DataVolume whith my mounted usb1 drive (WD too) but in the twonky server web interface it don’t read it (why is the question).

Then to resum:

  1. The upgrade has been done whithout error

  2. Before the upgrade no problem with anything

  3. After the upgrade I have already unmount and mount correctly the usb1 WD drive

  4. I have check the twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini and it is ok

  5. I have try all the things I have found on the forum

  6. I have tested all the maintenance action : restart ssrver , rescan content…, rebuild and reset.

I some one can help me because I will lose my mind in this problem.

Thanks in advence.


I have found the solution about my problem.

I have change de default configuration file then when I say on the maintenance interface to reset with default parameters then twonky use correctly the good path to my /shares/ directoy where is my usb1 driver.

I hope this will help other people whith the same problem.