New unit not behaving properly

Recently purchased a newer model WDTV and when I connect it via composite cables the TV displays the image but it’s in black and white, fuzzy, and constantly moving vertically up the screen. The model I had before has been relatively issue free - I’m curious as to if it could be because my TV is older or if it’s a common issue.

The WD Model# is WDBYMN0000NBK-00


Have you tried a power cycle and/or reset?

Also try replacing the HDMI cable and using another TV if possible just for troubleshooting purposes

Hi Hamlet,

Thank you for your response.

I’ve done a power cycle and a factory reset on the device and they did not resolve my issue. I cannot do a system reset through the menu as the screen moves way too fast and is unreadable, moving vertically and black and white up the screen.

I am also not using the HDMI output on the device. I’m trying to connect via the composite cable adapter which shipped with the device. I’ve tested both cables(the one on my new device and the one that came with my old functional device) and the issue stayed the same.

I do have another TV I could possibly try out but I’d need to get it off the wallmount and that’s somewhat of a pain. I may try this, but right now it seems to be an RMA issue from the looks of it.

Well that sounds definitely like a NTSC/PAL Problem

Back in the old days when i had a CRT TV if i tried displaying an NTSC signal (50Hz) on my PAL TV (60Hz) the picture would either be Black & White and/or Vertically Rolling.

It it very easy to change the output signal on the WDTV to match your TV … it’s in the User Manual

(Note: NTSC/PAL 50/60Hz does not affect HDMI connection … only Composite (Red,White,Yellow)

Page 9 (Note: 10 Seconds or more is the key)